Our Service Principles

Delivering Quality Services

Our commitment to quality underlies all that we do. At project commencement we work with you to define what success will look like and how this will be measured. Most projects are fixed price contracts, and without high overheads we are not under pressure to ‘cut corners’. At conclusion of projects we will request your feedback on overall satisfaction and how we can continue to improve our services.

Working for Social Justice

We are committed to social justice. This means considering principles of access and equity in undertaking projects and developing reports and recommendations. We will not undertake work that will contribute to:

  • Social inequity
  •  Poorer health and wellbeing for communities

Building Capacity and Capability

Our skill set has been developed over years of working within the health and welfare sector. We like to work in partnerships with clients to transfer these skills and build organisational and community capacity.

Delivering Value

Our pricing provides value for money. We will work to a fixed price contract. Project scope and what we will do is detailed ‘up front’ and clearly costed. Variations are agreed in writing prior to being incurred, and are costed at average project costs – there are no unexpected variation costs.

About us

Why Choose us ?

  • We are passionate
  • Deep sector knowledge
  • Wide range of experience
  • Delivered by senior team
  • High quality referees
  • We partner with you
  • We build your knowledge
  • Offer outcome based fees

Key Offerings

  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Financial Modeling
  • Mentoring
  • Workshop facilitation

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